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Plug-and-Play Sensor Harness - Audi S3

Plug-and-Play Sensor Harness - Audi S3

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Photo here shows a Plug-and-Play harness for the Audi A4 2.0 TSI EA888 G3.  There will be variations in the harnesses (e.g. length, number of arms, type of connector) depending on the engine code selected.

The Btechnik sensor harness is designed to mate up specifically to the Dastek Unichip.

All Btechnik wiring harnesses use nickel-plated copper wire with fluoroplastic insulation.  The nickel-plating of the copper wire enhances the corrosion and heat resistance, while the flame retardent fluoroplastic insulation offers up to 200degC (392degF) temperature protection.

Shipping dimensions & weight:
29cm x 20cm x 6cm, 260g

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