Plug & Play sensor harnesses

We built our Plug and Play (PnP) Sensor Harness to make ECU tuning with the Unichip an easier and cleaner process.  The Btechnik Sensor Harness mates up specifically to the Dastek Unichip and connects directly to the engine sensors.

The Plug and Play installation means no more cutting and fiddling with wires and it's easy to revert to original.

All wiring harnesses are made with high quality, high temperature insulated wires and protected with a PVC conduit.  This gives the harness an OEM look.  Sensor connectors are made to securely mate with original sensors, just how OEM connectors would.

We have harnesses for a range of car makes from Mercedes-Benz through to Honda - look up our current list here.   

We will be adding to this list of car makes and models.  Each new harness model is put through rigorous testing before we release it onto the market, so it takes a bit of time.   Contact us to discuss custom made harnesses.