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Can the Plug n Play installation be removed easily?
-  Yes, just unplug the harness.  There is no special un-install process.  Plug the original connectors back into their designated sockets.

Where's the instruction manual for the Btechnik PnP Sensor Harness?
-  The connectors are tagged to indicate which sensors they connect to.  If you need help installing it, we recommend you get a mechanic to help you.  If you need further instructions on how to use the harness, you probably shouldn't be using this product.

How is the PnP Sensor Harness better than an ECU Harness?  When would you use the PnP Harness over an ECU Harness?
-  We still use an ECU Harness in our work.  An ECU Harness has a wider range of applications and functions available.  We use the PnP Harness for its compact and neat installation.

Are the adjustments made with a PnP Harness as accurate as with an ECU Harness?
-  Adjustments are just the same as with an ECU harness.

Will the PnP Harness be damanged during shipping?
-  Not likely.  The harnesses are built tough and don’t need special/careful handling.  See the next question...

What materials is the PnP Harness made with?  Are they heat resistant?
-  All wiring harnesses use nickel-plated copper wire with fluoroplastic insulation.  The nickel-plating of the copper wire enhances the corrosion and heat resistance, while the flame retardent fluoroplastic insulation offers up to 200degC (392degF) temperature protection.

I've installed the PnP Harness and it doesn't seem to be working properly.  What can be wrong?
-  More than likely the wrong sensor plug has been connected.  As such, we highly recommend a qualified mechanic to identify the correct sensor for connection of the PnP harness.  If it still doesn’t work, contact us at techsupport@btechnik.com.

Do you sell Unichips?
-  We are an authorised distributor for our nominated regions but we don't sell Unichips on this website.  You should contact your local dealer to purchase Unichips.