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Calibration (aka Tuning) Files and Mappacks

We use winOLS.

EVC Electronic GmbH has provided a secure platform and database, accessible to registered users to sell and buy WinOLS files.  

Go to https://www.evc.de and search Resellers and Projects.  Our files are available here under Auto Racing Technik.  Auto Racing Technik is an Authorised Dealer (https://www.evc.de/en/service/links/links_authorized_dealers.asp) for EVC tuning tools in Australia, Singapore and China, and listed as an External Training Provider as well as a Supplier for Tuning Files. 

To purchase our files if you are not yet a registered user on EVC, you can email us to request we add you as a customer (for the EVC database).  Purchases operate on a credit system and all fund transfers go through EVC's platform.

For those of you who don't use winOLS, contact us at sales@btechnik.com about purchasing files in your preferred format.