Collection: winOLS & Mappacks

We use winOLS.

EVC Electronic GmbH has provided a secure platform and database, accessible to registered users to sell and buy WinOLS files.

Go to and search Resellers and Projects. Our files are available here under Auto Racing Technik. Auto Racing Technik is an Authorised Dealer ( for EVC tuning tools in Australia, Singapore and China, and listed as an External Training Provider as well as a Supplier for Tuning Files.

To purchase our files if you are not yet a registered user on EVC, you can email us to request we add you as a customer (for the EVC database). Purchases operate on a credit system and all fund transfers go through EVC's platform.

If you don't use winOLS, go to the Tuning Files page for other formats or contact us at about purchasing files in your preferred format.


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